Explore and Adore
My name is Leena and I would like to share with you my photography and mini adventures.

What is Explore and Adore?​

It's a lifestyle blog and photography page by Leena Vuor.
I am extremely excited to finally venture into the blogging world. I knew I would enjoy having a blog to share my life with others for a few years now. I'm sharing my thoughts and ramblings online because it is a creative outlet for me and a great way to market myself just incase anyone is looking. Ha!

Although I would like to drive this blog to share my photography and videos, I have  left it open to also share many of my other interests and hobbies; therefore, a 'lifestyle' blog. As I continue as a newbie blogger, I am sure I will make mistakes and changes often, please be patient as I learn.

I hope you enjoy my reads and feel free to contact me if you have any other questions!