Explore and Adore
My name is Leena and I would like to share with you my photography and mini adventures.
About me
My happiness drives from my own inner positivity and spirit along with good people, the beauty of earth and the life I live."
Hi everyone! My name is Leena and I am the gal behind Explore and Adore.
I'm a newbie lifestyle blogger and striving professional photographer from the out skirts of Houston from a small town called Rosharon. It'll take you a good 45 minutes to one hour to reach this side of the woods. As much as I love the city and exploring all of its fabulous finds, my heart remains with the simple, nature-driven beauty of the country.

Motherhood became me at the young age of 20 and now that I am 31, these ten years with my son has been the most important because I am not only responsible for my life, but for another human being's life, and that completely changes everything. I love my mini-me. (Not so mini, because he is almost my height!)

I am first generation Cambodian/American who couldn't be any prouder to be a Texan! Gratefully, my parents found refuge here in America as they, like many other Cambodian/American families, were victims of the Khmer Rouge regime in the 70s. It is a tough subject to speak upon but one that should remain to be heard.

A year ago I graduated from the University of Houston - Clear Lake with my BA in Communication. Communication is a broad degree plan which included t.v./radio broadcasting, journalism, photography, videography, post editing and production, public relations, advertising, and so forth. My childhood goal was to be a reporter or anchor for a news station. In recent years, I've taken an interest in community outreach/relations. Although my current job is not related to my communication degree plan, I will not give up...until then this blog and my photography will keep me intune. (P.S. to any collegues at work reading this, I love my job!)
I like to be surrounded by diversity and learn about different cultures. To get some perspective on the world, I suggest listening to the stories that your family and friends have to share because their journey is absolutely different from yours. ​

I enjoy traveling, especially to natural places. The earth's beauty is unbelievably grand and magnificent that is leaves me marveled by its precious sight, I couldn't be more in love. When I conquer America, I plan to expand my travels internationally to see other countries.
Once I have a commited schedule for my blog, I am sure you will get know me better after each post I publish. Until then, feel free to contact me with any questions. 

"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."
Dalai Lama

"Know that you are worth it and appreciate the people who believe so too."